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Could you study in another country if you were forced to leave behind a child with cerebral palsy?

The Macquarie University social justice clinic provides help to Australia's most vulnerable people

At the same time it gives students the chance to work alongside human rights and public interest lawyers on real-world social justice cases, with a focus on practical training.

They advocate on behalf of refugees on Nauru and Manus Island to secure adequate medical care for them. They've also assisted the National Justice Project, one of the clinic's major partners, to secure the transfer of refugee children from Nauru to Australia for treatment.

badmaa's life was turned upside down and she needed more than a helping hand

The Clinic recently helped Badmaa, a mature age student from Mongolia who was offered the chance to do her Masters with Macquarie.

Despite assurances that her son Jaki, who suffers from cerebral palsy, would be able to join her in Australia, his visa application was rejected by the Australian government.

"I missed Jaki terribly. I was almost going to give it all up. I was ready to leave my study and go back home to my son."

In a last ditch bid to remedy her situation, Badmaa reached out the Social Justice Clinic. They took up the challenge and eventually secured her son a visitor visa so he could be with Badmaa as she studied.

In order to help in situations like Badmaa's, the Social justice clinic needs your help

The Clinic was founded on the belief that the law is not a tool for preserving the status quo, but the key to shaping a more progressive, just and humane society.

The clinic needs your support to help this happen.

Your support can help us:

  • bring on more partners and supervising solicitors
  • create opportunities for more students
  • construct a new clinic space, with confidential client interview rooms

Your support will change the lives of many. Not just those without a voice or the means to take care of themselves, but the students who will gain invaluable experience to help them build a more inclusive society for us all.

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